Utilitrack Telecom is able to offer competitive rates for quality and high performance data connectivity, ideal for today’s bandwidth hungry applications and networks.

MyNet includes broadband, leased lines, business internet, Ethernet, point to point connectivity as well as IP VPN, WANs, LANs, MPLS / VPLS networks.
Frontier has its own bearer with BT Wholesale which means that we can be competitive on pricing and can deliver Quality of Service. We also provide all of the customer equipment you need.
Quick guides to networks
What is Ethernet?
An Ethernet private line is similar to a private circuit with two local end circuits and a main link in between but with Ethernet connectors at each end.
The Ethernet network we use is within 5kms of 90% of the UK business population.
Key benefits of Ethernet
  • Simplified management of on-site equipment to reduce cost of ownership
  • Cost effective against private circuits and ISDN30
  • Faster lead times than leased lines
  • Flexibility as it’s easy to quickly change bandwidths
  • Access options that are protocol independent
  • Annual availability of the core network is up to 99.95%.
A few scenarios for customer choices
Every customer is different but scenarios often include:
  • Saving money by choosing Ethernet over private circuits and ISDN30
  • Implementing an MPLS network in order to segment and manage voice, data and Internet traffic
  • Installing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) in order to allow remote workers such as sales or engineering staff to securely login to the customer’s network
  • Selecting a leased line for bandwidth hungry uses such as graphic designs and architectural drawings.
What does an Ethernet circuit look like?
We would discuss your specific needs with you but click the image below for an idea of the components involved in Ethernet connectivity.
Ethernet from Frontier Voice & Data
Current access options
  • Fibre (10, 100 & 1000Mb/s)
  • Standard, local access and extended reach at 1Gb/s
  • Resilient fibre access
  • Etherway Protected – diverse fibre routes, single Point of Presence & switch
  • Etherway Diverse Plus – diverse fibre routes, PoPs & switches
  • Etherway Exchange Connect at 1Gb/s (in-building handover)
  • Ethernet in the First Mile (copper) – 2/46/8/10Mb/s.
What else can we offer?
  • We provide all the routers and switches you need for a true end to end solution.
  • As well as BT we offer Ethernet from other leading suppliers.
  • Online data backup services are available to aid disaster recovery.
For more information call the team on 0845 519 1662 or send a message via our contact form